Human-based Decarbonization Solutions

Greenlines unlocks access to carbon markets for everyone by developing app-based carbon engines that enable accurate quantification, aggregation and monetization of verifiable GHG emission reductions generated by people. Select one of the following links to learn more.


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Who We Are

Greenlines Technology develops and commercializes human-based decarbonization solutions with global impact. 

We aim to foster the widespread use of low-carbon products and services by unlocking access to carbon markets for key untapped economic sectors.

Founded in 2017 by three visionaries who saw the potential of people to decarbonize the world by making the right choices. Get in touch today to learn more.


Recognize and Monetize Low-carbon Human Choices, Anywhere

Our simple yet powerful carbon engine turn-key systems enable third-party organizations in the urban mobility and e-commerce sectors to access and benefit from carbon markets by leveraging sustainable choices made by their customers.

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Urban Mobility

The Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE) is a patent-pending and client-based system that automatically quantifies the environmental benefits generated by changes in travel behavior by end-users in urban settings using a mobility app. GHG emission reductions are recognized upon trip completion. 

The MCE enables any app-based mobility provider, including mobility aggregators, private mobility providers, public transit agencies, and more, to quantify, aggregate, and monetize GHG emission reductions as carbon offsets generated by its own users when commuting using any low-carbon transport mode. 

The first carbon offsets were produced and sold in 2019 to a transportation company after third-party verification. The MCE is currently in the commercialization phase.



The E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE) is a patent-pending and client-based system that automatically recognizes the environmental benefits generated from changes in purchasing behavior of products and services sold through an online store. GHG emission reductions are recognized at the time of purchase.

The ECE enables any online retailer, including business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and more, to quantify, aggregate, and monetize GHG emission reductions as carbon offsets from inventory items purchased through their e-commerce platforms.

The ECE is currently in the pilot phase. Greenlines welcomes applications from interested parties.

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A Win for Everyone


Our Planet

Help customers make informed decisions when purchasing online - increase awareness of a product’s environmental impact and help change behaviours to reduce overall GHG emissions across the complete product lifecycle.

Your Brand

Strengthen your brand’s sustainability positioning and ESG goals by enabling end customers to quantify and monetize GHG emission reductions, in alignment with existing sustainable initiatives, including offset purchases.

Your Bottom Line

New offset revenue stream directly linked to your sustainability efforts.
Potential to develop an incentive/reward program for eco-conscious buyers to further motivate “green” purchases or reward programs for low-carbon suppliers.

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