A groundbreaking data monetization system for transportation

Monetize urban mobility & on-demand deliveries via carbon offsets

Greenlines' revolutionary patent-pending Carbon Engine enables third-party mobility players to directly monetize carbon emission reductions generated by its users by producing verifiable mobility carbon offsets, a first worldwide.

Our Vision

Accelerate the transition towards sustainable transport, by enabling any mobility player to monetize low-carbon transport modes through carbon offsets, globally.

A World's First

A new monetization system in the mobility sector that rewards low-carbon transport.

This is Greenlines - a leading Canadian cleantech company, the first to develop and commercialize a scalable system able to produce verifiable and high-quality mobility carbon offsets out of the physical movements of people, goods and services.

A new beginning for the mobility sector.

How the Carbon Engine works


I am pleased to announce the first global partnership of its kind with Greenlines to utilize its groundbreaking Carbon Engine.



From Concept to Reality

Over the past 12 months, Greenlines transformed a revolutionary concept into a groundbreaking reality. Using its Cowlines app, Greenlines harvested carbon emission reductions generated by end-users commuting using low-carbon forms of transport. Then it verified them using a third-party independent verifier & validation body (VVB) and sold them as carbon offsets to a private company.


Emission reductions from users commuting using public transit, bikeshare, ride-hail, taxis, bikes, and walking.

Emission reductions verified using an independent third-party Verification & Validation Body (VVB).

Emission reductions sold as carbon offsets to a private company under a    5-year agreement.



Movement = $

Up to the highest standards

Greenlines' VCS-based methodology (Verified Carbon Standard) and patent-pending system has been developed according to the highest and most strict standards worldwide, to ensure the app-based carbon offsets generated by our system not only comply with the most strict criteria, but is likely to drive a higher price in the marketplace compared to other offset projects such as forestry projects, industrial processes, renewable projects, and others.





Real & quantifiable emission reductions


Baseline emissions, ownership confirmed




Applicable sectors

Greenlines' patent-pending and app-based carbon engine can generate verifiable and high-quality carbon offsets out of a diverse range of transportation sectors.


Mobility Aggregators


Selected to Google’s Brand Ambassadors Program ‘18

“Top MaaS player” worldwide - Gartner Research ‘19

The Carbon Engine in the Real World

First carbon offset-generating trip planning app, ever.

In November 2018, Greenlines launched the ground-breaking Cowlines app as a demonstration of our revolutionary Carbon Engine. Cowlines is a free multimodal trip planning app, the first worldwide that utilizes Greenlines' patent-pending Carbon Engine to generate verifiable carbon offsets from trips made by its users. 

Since its launch, Cowlines has generated verifiable carbon offsets from the physical movement of its users from a wide range of forms of transport, including public transit (most transit agencies in US & Canada), ride-hailing companies (including Uber & Lyft), bikeshare programs, carshare, personal bikes and more, across 60+ cities in North America.​ In the summer of 2019, Greenlines completed the first sale of carbon offsets generated by an app, ever.

Multimodal routing.

Automatically combine any form of transport to get there faster.

Carbon engine.

Reduce, quantify and monetize your carbon emission savings while you move.

Customize your trip.

Fast, cheap, green or active? It's your choice.

U.S. & International Patent-Pending

Greenlines Technology has filed for patent protection of its revolutionary carbon engine both in the U.S. and internationally.

Monetizable transport modes

Greenlines' carbon engine has the ability to quantify and monetize the carbon savings generated by any form of transport, on land, water or air. 


A World of Possibilities Awaits

Learn how to integrate Greenlines' technology into your mobility platform.

Meet the Team

David Oliver

CEO & Co-Founder

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Jonathan Whitworth

CSO & Co-owner

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Arturo Miguel

COO & Co-founder

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