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Greenlines is a leading Canadian climate-tech company focused on developing and commercializing large-scale human-based decarbonization solutions for third-parties.

Greenlines is the first company worldwide to develop and commercialize an operational patent-pending carbon engine that enables third-parties to automatically quantify verifiable carbon reductions generated by its users and monetize them as offsets.

Our first product, the Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE), was introduced in 2019 with the goal of bringing the benefits of carbon offsets to every mobility player everywhere. Our second product, the E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE), will enable access to carbon offsets to every online store worldwide. 



We are a seasoned group of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and executives aiming to foster large-scale demand for low-carbon products and services, by developing turnkey systems that enable the monetization of 'good' human behaviour. We believe that carbon markets can be leveraged to provide direct financial incentives to individuals and organizations that choose sustainable options. We are at the leading edge of carbon monetization systems.

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In 2017, David Oliver and Arturo Miguel launched Greenlines to democratize access to carbon markets.

  • Within six months, the first MVP was launched; Cowlines, a powerful trip planning app, to convert human movement into verifiable carbon offsets.

  • Jonathan Whitworth joins Greenlines, after retiring as CEO of a local major shipbuilder.


  • Pilot launch of the Cowlines app across Metro Vancouver.

  • Public rollout across 60+ U.S. and Canadian metro regions, the fastest rollout of any mobility app ever.


In 2019, Greenlines reached three key milestones:

  • Successful verification and sale of the first app-based mobility offsets, sold to a voluntary buyer. 

  • Verra submission of GHG quantification methodology under the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Program.

  • Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE) patent filing.


Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Greenlines reached important milestones:

  • First MCE partnership, this time with LOOPShare, a Vancouver-based ride-sharing company.

  • Concept Note approval received from Verra for the proposed GHG quantification methodology.

  • Completion of the E-Commerce Carbon Engine (ECE) development and patent filing.


During 2021, Greenlines is expected to reach several key milestones:

  • Final approval of our GHG quantification methodology by Verra.

  • Expand the Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE) to more international partners. 

  • Pilot the E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE) with our first partner.


Cowlines is a free multi-modal trip planning app developed by Greenlines as a demonstration platform. It is the first app worldwide to integrate Greenlines' patent-pending Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE) to generate carbon offsets from the movement of end users.

Launched in 2018, Cowlines quickly gained a fan base and attracted the attention of large industry players as well as international media. Since then, Cowlines has continued to gather carbon reductions from users commuting with low-carbon transport modes such as public transit, bike-sharing programs, ride-hailing companies, and more, and served as a showcase of what's possible thanks to Greenlines' Mobility Carbon Engine (MCE). 

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CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of professional experience across four continents, David is a recognized leader in carbon management and human-based decarbonization solutions. At Greenlines, David is the mind behind the ground-breaking Mobility and e-Commerce Carbon Engines. He also leads the overall strategic direction of the company.



CSO & Co-owner

Over the last 30+ years, Jonathan has served in multiple senior roles, including CEO of both public and private companies. As the Chief Strategic Officer, he leads the commercialization of the company's ground-breaking carbon engines as well as the development of strategic partnerships.



COO & Co-Founder

A seasoned COO with over 20 years of experience, Arturo exited his previous venture to a large US-based player. At Greenlines, Arturo manages the company's operations, legal and Cowlines business. He has an unparalleled ability to make the business run smoothly in complex environments.



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