E-commerce Carbon Offsets

Decarbonize e-commerce by making carbon quantification and monetization an integral part of your e-commerce platform with the E-commerce Carbon Engine


The E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE)

A carbon widget for your e-commerce platform

The E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE) is a turn-key and client-based system that leverages one or more existing GHG quantification methodologies to automatically quantify the environmental benefits from changes in purchasing behaviour of any product or service sold through an e-commerce platform. GHG emission reductions are recognized at the time of purchase, and take into consideration one or more lifecycle phases of each product or service.

The ECE has a wide range of applications, including most business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platforms. In addition, it is applicable to virtually any product or service that generates a lower environmental footprint than the custom baseline for each product.

Once the customer completes the purchase, the ECE automatically calculates the aggregate GHG emission reductions generated by the items in the cart, and records the data in the client's server. Aggregate data is then verified regularly by an independent third-party validation/verification body (VVB) to be then placed in the market for sale as carbon offsets.

Online Shopping


Your Online Store

The online store provides low-carbon choices to the customer and records its purchasing history.



E-commerce Carbon Engine

The ECE automatically calculates each product's lifecycle GHG emissions, its custom baseline, and resulting GHG emission reductions according to the predetermined methodologies, and aggregates them with other purchases.



Offset Sale

Purchasing/product data is regularly verified by a third-party validation/verification body (VVB). Once the verification is complete, Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) are issued to be sold in the market as carbon offsets.


Across the product lifecycle

The E-commerce Carbon Engine captures the GHG emission reductions generated by one or more phases of a product/service lifecycle, from raw materials to an end of life or recycling process.

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A Powerful Carbon Engine


Environmentally Sound

The ECE automatically quantifies the environmental benefits generated by changes in purchasing behaviour completed through an online store. The system calculates the GHG emissions for every product according to accepted methodologies, and compares it to a customer-specific baseline to generate verifiable carbon offsets.

Proven Methodologies

The ECE is compatible with any GHG quantification methodology or protocol from both voluntary and regulated programs. These methodologies have been in use across multiple sectors and geographies, ensuring offsets/credits generated by the ECE will be accepted in the marketplace.

Any Product (or Service) Category

The ECE is able to quantify GHG emission reductions from virtually any product or service category from an e-commerce platform, including electronics, machinery, transportation, fashion, agriculture and more.

Turn-Key System

The ECE acts as a turn-key system that connects to the client's back-end e-commerce platform, without the need for API connections to third-parties. All data and process resides in your server and once set up, will run automatically without user intervention, automatically generating verifiable GHG emission reductions.

Highly Scalable System

The ECE can be easily implemented to generate verifiable GHG emission reductions from both regional e-commerce players (ie. grocery chains, electronics stores, etc), as well as large e-commerce aggregators simultaneously operating in multiple jurisdictions. The ECE is capable of handling both scenarios.

B2C, B2B, C2C, ... Your Choice

Whether it is the latest smartphone, a high-performance electric car, or a 21,000 TEU LNG-powered hybrid vessel, the ECE can handle any transaction of any size, whether it is from end-consumers to corporations or governments.

Anywhere, Anytime

Thanks to its flexibility in integrating multiple GHG quantification methodologies from a variety of offset programs, the ECE is able to generate verifiable GHG emission reductions and its corresponding carbon units in most jurisdictions worldwide.

No Data Sharing

User privacy is paramount in the e-commerce sector. That is why the ECE is embedded into the client's server, and in no case, data is shared with Greenlines or any other third-party.


Your Data Stays With You

In order to guarantee that user data is not shared with Greenlines, the ECE is integrated into the client's server and is under the client's complete control.


Offset quality criteria

Carbon offset prices are mostly driven by their perceived 'quality' from buyers. High-quality offsets drive a higher dollar per tonne than low-quality ones. Carbon offsets generated by the E-commerce Carbon Engine (MCE) meet all the key criteria to ensure offsets generated are considered 'high quality'.


Offset revenue plays a critical role in making low-carbon products and services more accessible.


Carbon reductions are recognized at the time of purchase, thus cannot be reversed.

Exclusive Claim

Ownership of GHG reductions transferred from end-user to e-commerce platform owner upon user registration in the e-commerce platform.

Conservative Estimates

  • Baseline and project emissions according to verifiable industry data

  • No leakage

  • Scientifically sound and methodologically robust measurement, data collection, and calculations 

  • Robust monitoring and verification of project performance

Cargo Ship

For Anything Sold Online


Use Cases

The E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE) is applicable to any e-commerce platform, including business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and more. The ECE is able to generate GHG emission reductions from virtually any product or service sold online. Here are some examples:

Maxi dress

Fashion, apparel & accessories

Beauty Model

Health & beauty


Electronics & home appliances

iMac Cinema Display

Computers, tables & smartphones

In the Supermarket

Agriculture & food


Energy & commodities


Tools, machinery & equipment

Cars on the Road

Auto & transportation

Construction Worker

Home, real estate & construction

Meeting Area

Commercial & service equipment

Plane on Runway



Professional Services


Greenlines Technology has filed for patent protection of its E-commerce Carbon Engine (ECE).



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