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Greenlines Technology awarded a US Patent for generation of carbon credits in the mobility sector, the world’s first

Sept 19, 2023

*Vancouver, BC — August 29, 2023* — GREENLINES, a pioneering company committed to advancing sustainable Human-based Solutions, today announces the approval of its patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This landmark patent, titled "Methods and Systems for Conversion of Physical Movements to Carbon Units," bears the US Patent Number 123456789, signifying the worlds first-ever instance of a process to generate carbon credits being awarded a patent. The company's relentless innovation opens up an entirely novel intellectual property category within global carbon markets, which will provide our customers with the ability to accurately quantify and monetize emission reductions


With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the patent approval cements GREENLINES' position as the pioneer in this revolutionary domain. The patent-protected technology is marketed by the company under the name "Mobility Carbon Engine" (MCE), which has been in operation since 2019 in over 60 cities in the United States and Canada.

“In an era where transportation remains a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the MCE offers a pivotal solution for providing a much-needed financial incentive to mitigate the impact of these emissions on our planet” - David Oliver, Co-founder and CEO of GREENLINES.

According to the World Resources Institute, the transportation sector accounts for approximately 16.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By providing a systematic approach to quantifying and recognizing emission reductions resulting from individuals' use of low-carbon land, water and air-based transportation modes, the MCE revolutionizes carbon markets. GREENLINES’ patent empowers mobility aggregators such as trip planning applications, private mobility providers, transit agencies, and more, to incentivize and promote sustainable transportation choices.  David continues, “The patent not only addresses emissions stemming from personal mobility but also emissions from food and package deliveries, including drone deliveries. By accurately quantifying the emissions reduction achieved through these activities, the MCE creates a comprehensive framework that rewards individuals and organizations for choosing sustainable alternatives.”


Beyond its impact in North America, GREENLINES is also pursuing global coverage for its innovative technology. The company has already initiated patent applications for the MCE in other jurisdictions, including the European Union, signalling its commitment to making sustainable practices a global reality.


In addition to the milestone patent secured for physical movements, GREENLINES is poised to make waves with another patent application currently in process. The patent, titled "Methods and Systems for Conversion of Transactions to Carbon Units," pertains to the generation of carbon credits through purchases of low-carbon products and services conducted via Business-to-Business  or Business-to-Consumer  platforms. Anticipating further success, GREENLINES expects the USPTO to grant this second patent in the near future, solidifying its position as an innovation powerhouse.


GREENLINES's visionary approach to sustainability, coupled with its groundbreaking patents, not only propels the company to the forefront of carbon credit generation but also ushers in a new era of environmental responsibility. By merging innovation with sustainability, GREENLINES is revolutionizing carbon markets while providing our customers in the mobility sector the ability to quantify, recognize and monetize greenhouse gas emission reductions.



About GREENLINES Technology Inc.


Greenlines empowers individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment through our advanced digital measurement, reporting and verification processes that recognize and reward sustainable behaviour in the mobility and e-commerce industries. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Greenlines has coined the term Human-based Solutions  to recognize the contributions made by individuals to reducing anthropogenic emissions.



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